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AXA Inspire - Fortress Fund (A)

Who Is AXA?

AXA Group is a global leader in wealth management and financial protection. Operating across five continents, Fortune Global 500 ranked AXA as one of the top 20 corporations in the world. AXA manages over US$800 billion  in assets worldwide, making it a leader among the world's financial institutions.
With offices in over 60 countries, AXA is a global brand. But every one of our 140,000 employees operates as a member of your family,with a complete understanding of local culture,practices and customs. It's part of our global culture where, AXA in every country not only delivers the best solutions for every client, but also plays an integral part in community building.
Our business revolves arond people like yourself. With that in mind we operate around a core set of values:
1) Professionalism
2) Innovation
3) Pragmatism
4) Team Spirit
5) Integrity
AXA will always stand by these values to help you achieve your dreams in the most effective way, because our best return on investment, is a smile from you. So,live your dreams and be life confident.



D & A Organisation
representing AXA Life Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd
238A Thomson Road #11-03 Novena Square
Telephone: 63519578  Fax: 63519350
Singapore 307684